Sunday, July 12, 2015

WHR celebrates Christmas in July

As the temperatures hang in the high 90s on the Florida coast, it seems a perfect time to celebrate with thoughts of winter: Christmas in July! As part of our gift to you, WHR Publishing and Ella Malone give you an opportunity to download her novella The Mermaid's Den for free July 12-14th!

Go ahead and click the link below to download the Kindle version of the Falling in Deep Collection novella. We've included a synopsis and some info about Ella below.

Merry Summer!



Laura and Tom Flynn married after she fell for him hook, line, and sinker — literally. Finding Laura in his fishing net had been a shock for Tom, but one he came to embrace as they quickly fell in love. For fifteen years, they have lived and worked by the sea, and Laura hasn’t thought once of what she left behind when she chose to marry Tom. She doesn’t regret giving up her mermaid form. It wasn’t a sacrifice. It was a good decision, and she had to make to survive. 

Now, with Tom missing at sea, Laura faces a decision she swore she’d never consider. In order to search for Tom and his crew, she must become a mermaid again and face the demons of the deep that she eagerly dodged when trading in her tail. Or she can stay on land and continue her life, but without Tom.

Does she enjoy her future alone, without the man she loves, or face her fears and her past in the ocean? Either way, nothing will be the same for her again. 

About the Author:

An avid believer of the saying "YES", Ella Malone works to make the most of life in every way. She is a lover of all wonderful things: cherry blossoms, red lipstick, city skylines, snow covered country sides, the finest chocolate, a man's hands, a woman's back, vodka, and high heels. She has worked in public relations, advertising, and restaurants and recently decided to make her way doing what she loves, capturing the passionate moments of life on a page.

Ella Malone is the author of “The Mermaid’s Den” and the "Hot in the City Series" releasing in 2015. 

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